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The Project

In 1967 Traugott began working in tandem with a grocery chain to expand across Ontario. Since then Traugott has worked with most of the grocery brands across Canada. Scopes of work have included new builds, renovations, store expansions/reductions, interior refreshes, and tenant improvements. Traugott has worked alongside store owners during various design processes and as a Design-Build contractor.

Traugott has utilized all forms of contracts with our grocery partners: Lump Sum, Construction Management, and Cost Plus. In addition, we have also engaged in both open market and single source tendering. We pride ourselves on working as a team member regardless of the delivery method and we choose to work with the means that are most appropriate for the client and project.

Project Specs

Project Title:
  • Includes new builds, expansions and reductions
  • Interior refreshes
  • Tenant improvements
  • Store expansions
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