Traugott is diverse in our scope of expertise. Below is a selection of several projects to show the range of our work.

Project 1

Stockyards | North-West corner of Weston Rd. and St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto


  • Second largest retail development in Canada when the project began in 2012
  • Involved over 550,000 square feet of redeveloped urban retail space on a 20-acre site
  • Includes site work, multi-level, multi-tenant spaces, 2 parking garages

Project 2

Rutherford Marketplace
North-West corner of Bathurst St. and Rutherford Rd., Richmond Hill


  • Involved over 400,000 square feet
  • Includes eight LEED® buildings, office, retail and parking garage, site works

Project 3

Pergola Development
South-East corner of Gordon St. and Clair Rd. East, Guelph


  • Involved constructing a 150,000 square foot LEED® retail centre
  • Includes design-build and construction of 10 retail buildings in total

Project 4

Cineplex Odeon
85 Clair Road East, Guelph


  • The leading theatre builder for Canadian premier theatre companies, Cineplex and Empire
  • Over 500,000 square feet of new-build and renovations over 15 years

Project 5

Multi-Agency Training Facility for
Fire, Police and EMS Services
1218 Stone Church Road East, Hamilton


  • Involved over 85,000 square feet of commercial space
  • Includes an administration building, 2 training buildings, shooting range, and additional “Smoke/Burn” fire training house, all site works, landscaping

Project 6

Hazelton Lanes Redevelopment
87 Avenue Road, Toronto


  • Involved 182,000 square feet
  • Multi-level urban retail shopping centre redevelopment

Project 7

Morningside Mall
255 Morningside Avenue, Scarborough


  • Urban redevelopment which included demolition of existing indoor multi-level shopping mall
  • Involved 164,000 square feet
  • Includes grocery, office, and retail

Project 8

Warehouse Work
Across Canada


  • Wal-Mart warehouse expansion/conversion approximately 150,000 square feet
  • Renovation and conversion of Sobeys Grocery warehouse approximately 1,300,000 square feet
  • New construction of a fruit processing facility 2 levels, approximately 87,000 square feet


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